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MilAero has the expertise, versatility and efficiency to manufacture a variety of quality products in a cost-effective manner. Our strengths and capabilities include:

  • automated heat shrink and wire cutting;
  • automated, combined wire strip/crimp and coax cable stripping;
  • weave braiding directly onto cables (over-braid);
  • automated hipot cable testing; and
  • custom printing of cable marker labels, as required.

We build high mix, low volume systems at affordable prices thanks to our short set-up times and quick changeovers. We also use process engineering capability to design and set up assembly lines for low mix, high volume builds.

Materials Management and Traceability
Our fully integrated Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system ensures state-of-the-art material management and production control, including:

  • bill of materials integration
  • inventory management
  • sales and purchase order processing
  • scheduling and capacity planning
  • financial management


Mil-Aero is committed to following strict quality and process control protocols to ensure the best outcomes and safest environments possible. As a company that takes pride in meeting a high demand for quality and safety, Mil-Aero is certified to AS 9100 and ISO 9001 standards, ensuring strict quality control in the design and distribution of electrical interconnect systems and components to aerospace and commercial/industrial markets.

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