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Mil-Aero designs prototype cables and harnesses using state-of-the art wire cutting and wire stripping equipment to maintain the best quality and consistency in meeting customer requirements. Our highly qualified and reliable staff works with customers during the prototype phase of development to ensure manufacturability and quality is designed into their product for the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost.

We can construct custom cables, such as a mix of conductors and shielding that do not exist off-the-shelf.

Wire Harnesses
We manufacture custom single and multi-branch wire harnesses. Automated wire cutting, stripping and crimping are used to provide exceptional quality at a competitive price.

Flexible RF Coaxial
We manufacture custom flexible RF coaxial cables terminated with a wide variety of connectors, as well as cables with in-line printed circuit assemblies as required by our customers. Automated wire cutting and coaxial stripping provides consistent quality at a competitive price.

Electro-Mechanical Enclosures
We manufacture custom electro-mechanical enclosures, such as test boxes and control panels. The enclosures often contain printed circuit assemblies, wire harnesses and other intricate connections. Strict process and quality control and detailed work instructions allow for the management of complex, high-volume builds.